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Is it ok to take claritin and vicodin together
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Drug Interactions Questions including "Can you take sudafed and paroxetine together"_Questions And Answers_Bestfreeanswer.Com

I asked the pharmacist that question and he said it was fine. I am taking vicotin 5mg and my allergies are acting up so i am taking 24 hr claritin and i feel fine.

I have had sever nausea and vomiting my dr prescribed my phenergan, I also have a fever and cannot sleep could I take tylenol pm and the phenergan

Is it safe to take claritin d&vicodin together? Is it ok to take claritin and vicodin together On One Hand: No Serious Contraindications According to Net Wellness at the University of Cincinnati, there are no .

Hydrocodone has it in already and you could accidentally overdose if you take it. With ibuprofen should be ok though, like I said, to be safe, check with your doctor.

Message Written by; Alavert and Claridin D? I have really bad allergies and lately i been taking Alavert 24 which only has Loratadine 10mg (which is antihistamine .

you take one 5mg pill a day? Take half for a few days then stop. You shouldnt have any problems. BUT I've never heard of Vicodin causing "hives, facial sw.

Best Is it ok to take claritin and vicodin together Answer: Yes. I take Loratabs everyday for a spine injury and I use Claritin. Maybe don't drive until you see how the combination effects you.

Can i take zyrtec d and robitussin dm together. Taking a stimulant together with pseudoephedrine can increase your risk. How should I take Zyrtec-D (Cetirizine .

Can you take percocet and tramodol together? Can you take suboxone with lorazepam? Can you take acetaminophen and Valium together? Can claritin and tums be taken .

Drug Interactions Questions including "Is it ok to take

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